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Energy Pricing



Budget Support

Load Profiling

Risk Assessment

Pricing and Contract Negotiation

Regulatory & Legal      Consulting

Electrical Industry

EDC acts as an agent to help manage the transition from full retail
electric service to wholesale energy sale or procurement for any market
participant – from generators to consumers. EDC provides RFQ
development, purchase recommendations, strategies and portfolio
monitoring services, including budget assistance and reporting for both
electricity and natural gas.

Budget Support

  • Provide advice and support with respect to budgeting annual energy costs

Load Profiling
  • Establish historic and forecast load profiles
  • Time-of-use assessment and analysis

Risk Assessment
  • Use sophisticated Monte Carlo techniques to calculate total cost and risk associated with many different fixed price and flow-through options
  • Provide value assessment with respect to
    various procurement options
  • Provide price forecast scenarios and sensitivities

Pricing and Contract Negotiation
  • Design competitive procurement process
  • Seek indicative bid proposals and provide independent transaction advice
  • Issue RFP, analyze responses, and make recommendations
  • Review and negotiate key contract terms and conditions
  • Implementation assistance