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Electrical Industry

EDC has designed, developed and continually updates and maintains a suite of proprietary computer models that are used to produce both short and long-term hourly electricity forecasts, typically from 1 to 15 or 25-years. The models analyze Alberta electric energy supply, demand and price from the bottom up. All forecasts are based on generally accepted fundamental forecast methodologies that are driven from a base set of exogenous economic and commodity price inputs that can be provided by the client. The models are regularly used to complete; market studies and analysis on a variety of issues, regularly scheduled forecast services and newsletters. In addition, EDC's database of historical market data and information is used to provide a variety of electric industry statistics.

Market Studies and Analysis

  • Economic and market analysis with respect to electric energy issues on an ad-hoc basis
  • Annual review of Alberta electric industry fundamentals (supply, demand and price)

Forecast Services
  • Quarterly Forecast Update – a review of longterm Alberta wholesale electricity energy supply, demand and market prices
  • Electricity SMP Predictions (ESP) - a weekly forecast of wholesale electricity prices for the balance of current year and next year

  • Alberta Electricity Update – a monthly review of Alberta market fundamentals and regulatory proceedings
  • Alberta kWh News – a weekly summary of Alberta electricity demand and pool price

Market Data and Information
  • Alberta Electricity Statistics – an annual review of Alberta’s generation production and availability and wholesale / retail market segmentation
  • Adhoc Electricity Market Statistics